On the Trail of Imirix

Assault on Restwell Part 2
Even bloodied dragons kick butt

After rushing over the inner bailey gates, the characters were confronted with a bloodied green dragon, a handful of additional lizardfolk and a couple of lizarfolke mages.

It was a tough fight but no one dropped and a true team effort resulted in success over the green dragon and it’s allies. Luckily, Lord Drysdale, who took the poisoned breath weapon in the face, recovered and thanked the party endlessly for their help in protecting the keep.

However, with two men still missing along with Benwick and Chendera, he sends the party into the tunnels with a quest to rescue his men, find the traitors and hopefully put a stop to these assualts.

And since Lupin and his catapult destroyed what was to become the keep’s new temple to Erathis, Drysdale agrees to give Raegar the now-unoccupied temple to Avandra to reconsecrate.

Finally, since Lefty and Raegar feel so strongly about staying behind to clean up and heal the injured, Bargash Kr’gaznagorf and Coble Eaglefoot, warlord and ranger (respectively) under Drysdale’s command, are to accompany them.

Assault on Restwell Part 1

As soon as the characters awoke on their first morning reuinted at the keep, they met up with Drysdale about exploring the tunnels. During the meeting in front of the stables, the guards on the wall called out that lizardfolk were pouring out yet another building back by the fountain square.

Drysdale impores the party to go and assist his men while he rallies troops from the inner baily. When the characters arrived on scene, they found Drysdale’s guards in full melee against a horde of lizardfolk with more pouring out of the building that was to be Erathis’ temple at the keep.

While most of the heros charged into battle against the lizardfolk, Lupin Moonclaw, in his usual stoic manner, hung back, understanding that the building must be destroyed to stop the invasion. Without a word to the other characters he called for the catapult and it made a devastating blow against the building collapsing part of it.

With the rest of the party stunned but too busy fighting the lizardfolk, especially Raegar who was standing right next to the building, Lupin takes his second turn to call for the catapult again. Scoring another hit, the building is destroyed and the assault tunnel sealed.

After defeating the lizardfolk, Elessan runs into the square to inform the party that Drysdale has been poisoned and the dragon has come for revenge near the gates to the inner bailey.

Soon to be Reuinted at Restwell
Soren and Al's side trip

After a sobering visit with Soren’s parents in which they discovered the local thieve’s guild was asking for protection money, Soren and Al met an old friend of Soren’s— Filch Rumblebelly, a dwarf rogue and retired member of the Black Hand thieves guild in Fallcrest.

Soren’s run in with Frances the Dragon led him to pay the protection money up front and then make an arrangement with Filch to keep an eye on his folks. They also learned that the dragonborn Garash Vrenn, an infamous local bandit, just escaped from imprisonment in Fallcrest with the aid of his gang and fled into the Winterbole Forest.

Soren and Al then met Mumfrees at Raven’s Roost and made a friend who sent them off to Winterbole to see Al’s clan. But their trip was interupted by the Maiden of the Moon herself who finally revealed herself and her plan for Soren and asks for the mutual agreement that can truly lead to the fey-pact warlock’s pact boon. Having accepted both the power and the consequences, that he would spend his years as a roaming avenger for reason and that he must accept the Fey-touched path later in his life, the Maiden sent them on their way. But not before revealing that Soren is descended from Karavakos, an infamous wizard ruler who made a deal with devils and was ultimately imprisoned in an extra-dimensional prison.

And that Imirix was on the move again, this time taking up hiding in the ancient necropolis of Andok Sur near the Old Hills south of Lake Nen.

A brief visit with Al’s people reveals that the rumors of a dragon stalking Restwell Keep seem to be real as Drysdale’s men located its lair and evidence of Lizardfolk collatoration.

You also discovered the local seer is having dreams and visions involving Karavakos and his Place of Power, echoing a similar comment made by Mumfress at Raven’s Roost. As as they return through the magic portal she predicts that Soren too will begin having these dreams…

After another quick trip back through Raven’s Roost Soren and Al are on their way back to Restwell Keep to see what adventure awaits them next.

Story so far Februray 2011
How'd we get here...

Previously on Raiders of the Chaos Scar…

The characters found themselves traveling together from different parts of the Nentir Vale, all pulled toward a Keep on the edge of a valley just east of the Ogrefest Hills. Each came for a different reason but they would soon find a common cause and join forces.

They started out as a group that had seemingly nothing in common; an elf druid from Winterbole forest, a shifter ranger and his trusty ally Talon the hawk, from the Windvale Plains north of Winterbole and a Tiefling Warlock, son of a modest bookstore owner from Fallcrest, the largest town in the entire valley. But as their stories unfolded and they grew to know each other better, they discovered their fates had been intertwined by the gods or the hand of fate.

Alagra Swiftcreek, the grandaughter of her tribe’s herb gather/healer, was pulled mysteriously from her home in the forest. She has recently come to learn that her people’s long conflict with a powerful Drow sorcerer, now the lich Imirix, and his recent resurgence as a threat is the source of this mystical driving force in her life and she’s pledged to bring him down and protect her people from further harm.

Lupin Moonclaw, namesake and direct descendent of the founder of the Moonclaw Clan of shifters that lead a nomadic life on the Windvale Plains in the northern tundra above Winterbole. While on a scouting mission ranging far from his settlement, his people were attacked and slaughtered. He returned to find everything that he loved gone and only a few clues as to the evil creatures that had done this. He now knows it wss a tribe of Lizardfolk, enlisted as soldiers by Imirix, to reclaim the lost relic that lay with his dead wife in Vor Rukoth. He has sworn vengence on Imirix and anyone else that contributed to the demise of his clan, believing that his quest will eventually lead him to the infamous and legendary Brotherhood. They are rumored to control the Valley of the Chaos Scar and manipulate the evil eminations for their own benefit.

And Soren Firetail, the son of an arcane bookseller in Fallcrest who grew up on the streets, begging to learn more about arcane power but being shunned as both a tiefling and a member of the low class, uneducated and hopeless. His passion and drive to learn arcane secrets brought him the attention of several powerful figures including Imirix himself, Klad Darkmoon a vampire lord and the archfey the Maiden of the Moon. Through a complex series of magical domination, Soren’s own drive and the Maiden of the Moon’s arcane power, Soren became a fey-pact warlock without even understanding what was happening to him.

Now he understands the mysteries that have haunted him the last few months. The Maiden of the Moon has revealed herself to Soren, asking him to for a mutually agreed upon pact and making two demands on him… that he be a nomad fighting for reason and against savagery and slaughter. And that he accept the Fey-touched paragon path, which comes with both power and madness.

Over the last few weeks and months the Soren, Lupin and Al have had several adventures in the ocmpany of Artemis (Lefty)Cordellon III and Raegar Hammerfist, a human paladin and dwarf cleric of Erathis. The party of five adventurers has delved into the under the Chaos Scar on several occassions and most recently traveled to the ruins of a tower on the edge of the Witchlight Fens, where they faced and defeated the vampire lord that dominated Soren and allowed the lich Imirix to regain his phylactery.

Before the party split up to visit family and answer lingering questions, they had their most challenging adventure yet. After rescuing a wizard named Bolios and his flying head from a tribe of Lizardfolk and helping him repair by capturing elementals, they received word from the elves in Winterbole that Imirix was planning to open the demongate of Vor Rukoth, the ancient Tiefling city now largely lying in ruins far to the east of the Nentir Valley.

The party was successfully stopping Imirix from opening the demongate and did so by beating him to the relic entombed with his dead wife and destroying it in the process of sealing the gate.

Now they pursue their owns goals separately for a while but trouble is brewing in Restwell Keep involving rumors of a dragon and another assault on the keep… better hurry home :)


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