On the Trail of Imirix

Assault on Restwell Part 1

As soon as the characters awoke on their first morning reuinted at the keep, they met up with Drysdale about exploring the tunnels. During the meeting in front of the stables, the guards on the wall called out that lizardfolk were pouring out yet another building back by the fountain square.

Drysdale impores the party to go and assist his men while he rallies troops from the inner baily. When the characters arrived on scene, they found Drysdale’s guards in full melee against a horde of lizardfolk with more pouring out of the building that was to be Erathis’ temple at the keep.

While most of the heros charged into battle against the lizardfolk, Lupin Moonclaw, in his usual stoic manner, hung back, understanding that the building must be destroyed to stop the invasion. Without a word to the other characters he called for the catapult and it made a devastating blow against the building collapsing part of it.

With the rest of the party stunned but too busy fighting the lizardfolk, especially Raegar who was standing right next to the building, Lupin takes his second turn to call for the catapult again. Scoring another hit, the building is destroyed and the assault tunnel sealed.

After defeating the lizardfolk, Elessan runs into the square to inform the party that Drysdale has been poisoned and the dragon has come for revenge near the gates to the inner bailey.


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