On the Trail of Imirix

Assault on Restwell Part 2

Even bloodied dragons kick butt

After rushing over the inner bailey gates, the characters were confronted with a bloodied green dragon, a handful of additional lizardfolk and a couple of lizarfolke mages.

It was a tough fight but no one dropped and a true team effort resulted in success over the green dragon and it’s allies. Luckily, Lord Drysdale, who took the poisoned breath weapon in the face, recovered and thanked the party endlessly for their help in protecting the keep.

However, with two men still missing along with Benwick and Chendera, he sends the party into the tunnels with a quest to rescue his men, find the traitors and hopefully put a stop to these assualts.

And since Lupin and his catapult destroyed what was to become the keep’s new temple to Erathis, Drysdale agrees to give Raegar the now-unoccupied temple to Avandra to reconsecrate.

Finally, since Lefty and Raegar feel so strongly about staying behind to clean up and heal the injured, Bargash Kr’gaznagorf and Coble Eaglefoot, warlord and ranger (respectively) under Drysdale’s command, are to accompany them.


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