Summoning Stone-- Hell Hound

obsidian figurine of a hell hound


Recovered by the party from a Deurgar Theurge in the tunnels below the chaos scar, the statuette is intricately carved to show a hound covered in flames with a vicious snarl.

Summoning Stone— Hell Hound
Level 7

Power (Daily), Standard Action: Summon a unique hell hound from the Nine Hells. Each time you use this item, you summon the same hell hound. Any devil creature can control and command the hell hound from up to 20 squares away with or without line of sight.

A non-devil creature takes 1d6 fire damage for summoning the hell hound and must make an arcana check DC 25 each round in order to maintain control (+5 arcana check if the character is a tiefling).

On a successful check the summoner can use a standard action on it’s turn to command the hell hound for one round as long as it remains in line of sight. The hell hound gets its full turn when a summoner uses a standard action for this.

On a failed check, the hell hound attackes the summoner.

The hell hound acts in the round following the summoner’s and lasts until the end of the encounter or until it’s dropped to 0 HP at which point it returns to the Nine Hells… and probably hopes you summon it again soon so it can eat more stuff :)


Summoning Stone-- Hell Hound

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